Maritime Piracy

What is modern Maritime Piracy?
Maritime Piracy has seen massive growth in the recent years, both in terms of the threat and in terms of the number of vessels actually attacked or pirated. Whilst the piracy success rate worldwide has increased. Maritime piracy is a fast growing business and there are known to be between 50 to 80 piracy training camps located throughout the world.
Most piracy boats are old used Commercial fishing vessels.

What are the targets of Piracy?
Pirates are targeting primarily civilian vessels.
How Piracy finance's itself?
The cargo of a ship is the secondary target of pirates. Primary Vessels and their crews can be held for ransom. The average ransoms being paid for commercially pirated vessels in recent years were between $1 and $12million.

Why choose maritime security from I.S.S.T?
Security packages designed to suit your needs. Fully trained Security personnel from our Partner E.S.A European Security Academy.

Our personal are trained in the following:

MSO    ( Maritime Security Operative)
PMC    ( Privat Militäry Contractor)
CPO     ( Close Protection Operative)  

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