Guarding Services

In this area, we are due to the growing crime by shoplifters, tricksters, Bank card fraud, vandalism, burglaries, active in owned by third parties with the following services for you:

  • Property Protectors
  • Usher
  • Store detective
  • Stand Guard / Doorman
  • Center Security

we create Prior to acceptance you a safety analysis and a security policy, which remains free with a contract for you.

Department store guarding

At the present time we can say from experience that a new clientele of shoplifters has developed, these are organized gangs of thieves who drive from Eastern European countries especially for thefts to Germany. These thieves choose there routes carefully and suitable and targeting primarily shopping centers. At risk for flash burglaries are shopping centers that are close to a motorway connection because many of this thieves groups use vehicles to breaching heavy doors, to subsequently steal the quality goods within  seconds.

Other groups are carefully selecting shops who are not secured or easy to manipulate due to there security systems, and behavior of employees, sutch organised criminal gangs often work as with confidence tricks like, Bank card fraud, financial fraud, and with specially prepared containers who are protected against electronic article surveillance systems.

Do you also have to do with such problems in your store, please contact us.

Our company International Security Service is more than just a singel standard. See it for yourself.

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