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thank you to your interest in our security company.

 We want to offer a short Review about I.S.S.T The security company was founded in 2007 by Mr. Manuel Trittin, who already know at the young age, where his Talent lies and always Desire a occupation that goes in the direction of professional security of persons and buildings. Over the years I.S.S.T hase provide a high quality and professional security service for companies and managed to established a hig international reputation and a 100% satisfaction among ouer customers.

Our customers include national and international companys, National Health corporations and privat individuals. We convince ouer Service with quality, professionalism, integrity and business thinking. We place from day one much emphasis on customer-oriented thinking, customer focus and adherence until to the appropriate provisions are applicable in laws and regulations, as well as taking part in further and continuing education. Only in this way we can offer our customers the usual high quality service from us. Our further developments with respect to the High Risk Protection, maritime security and the protection of persons at home and abroad, have been trained by ouer partner, the European Security Academy. An insight to the needs of our staff will get in the menu of ouer employees.


So if you are also a security companie and looking for a professional, you should obtain from us a free quote and consultation.